PRODUCT REVIEW: Eddie Funkhouser Cosmetics

I recently came across the world of "Eddie's Angels" through a mutual friend and fellow actress/filmmaker. As I've stated before, I love makeup and beauty products, and it is a large part of what I do. On Memorial Day Weekend, Eddie had a blowout sale and I took full advantage, of course.

Items pictured above are as followed:
- three tubes of Quattro Variable Lash Mascara
- Ultra Definition Eye Lining Stylus
- Graffiti Creme Eye Pencil
- Luxlight Luminator
- Hyperreal Hydrating Lipgloss in "Girl Gone Bad"
- Hyperreal Nourishing Lipcolor in "Rumor"

First, I want to say that the price for everything was right to begin with, but Eddie was also having a blowout sale, adding to the fact that I also had a coupon code. As an added bonus, there's free shipping if you live in the U.S. and your purchase is over $25.00. Because of this, I ended up getting a $75 value for just under $36! Score.

So I did two different looks with the makeup, and here were …

PRODUCT REVIEW: Young Living ART Beauty Mask

One thing that is prevalent in my line of work is cosmetics, cosmetics, and more cosmetics. And no, I'm not complaining. Makeup is fun! But it can also wreak havoc. Thankfully, skincare products are a weakness of mine. One beauty item that seems to be increasing in popularity is the sheet mask. Basically a mask that, instead of coming in a clay or lotion form encased a tube or jar, it is actually a sheet and the beneficial emollients are infused into the mask. After hearing quite a bit about these sheet masks, I decided to try one out for myself and ended up buying the Young Living ART Sheet Beauty Mask. I do love the Young Living products, particularly their ART skincare line and I was looking forward to seeing how their sheet mask would work for me.
ART Beauty Mask Packaging
I typically do a facial mask once a week, usually on Sunday. I find it's nice way to rejuvenate and get myself ready for the week. The ART mask comes in a pack of four, so if you use it once a week, you&…

Hair Mask Recipe!

Every two weeks, I use a hair mask made of all natural ingredients. On occasion, I switch up the ingredients, but the mask I used in this particular photo is quite simple:

3 tbsp coconut oil
3 drops rosemary essential oil
3 drops lavender essential oil
3 drops cedarwood essential oil

To melt the coconut oil, I use the double boiler method (a glass bowl over boiling water). Once the coconut oil is melted, I put in three drops of each oil (you can use more or less if you like) and mixed it all together. Allow it to cool for a little bit (about 5-10 minutes) and then saturate hair. Cover it with a cloth spa wrap and leave it in for 60 minutes before rinsing (or washing if need be). :)

Reconnect with the Ancient Oil Frankincense...

Have a beautiful weekend!

Living History, Primal Living, and DIY

One of my latest sewing projects. A 'hussef' was a sewing kit that both men and women carried with them ("never leave home without it!"). They are often made of cloth and shaped like a sort of wallet. While I have a couple hussefs among my own sewing supplies, I am currently making one that will double as a wallet (so that I'm not taking out a 21st century wallet at these #livinghistory events!). I will show the finished product once it is complete. :)

This passed Sunday at the museum, I ("Sadie Miller") and 'Kate Ferguson Greiner' cook a braised venison on the hearth inside the cabin. The process of cooking on the hearth is also discussed.

And the Sunday prior, I made a spice cake, which turned out quite well. :)